One day down.

Today was my first day at home alone. My wife returned to work after her 12 weeks of leave. She was sad to go, but being the main bread-winner, she had little choice. Throughout the 12 weeks of our family, I've been refusing to allow myself to find a rhythm or get into a system. I knew that I would soon be home alone with the kid all day and I didn't want to have to break any habits.

Of course, I couldn't really spend any time developing habits today either. We had guests coming in tonight so any free time I had was spent preparing for the evening. That being said, I think I did a pretty decent job. Besides keeping the kid both alive and relatively happy, I managed to clean the apartment (luckily, we have doors on the bedrooms so I could just close the door and call that room clean) have dinner ready to go in the oven, bake a loaf of bread, and even spend an hour and a half actually working.

For the record here is how I wish for the days to go (knowing full well that since it is what I want, it will never happen): Get up with the kid around 9. Get her and myself fed. Some playtime, possibly including a walk (will become a bike ride once I can safely put her on my bike). She naps while I troll about the internet and maybe do a little cleaning. More playtime, hopefully with some reading. Another nap where I make sure that I have everything ready to work later in the evening and possibly even get some work done. Play time until mom gets home. When mom gets home, I get free time, which will likely be spent either working, reading or working on dinner. Short walk after dinner, get the wife and kid into bed and then 3-4 hours of working before I crash myself.

I know, it is nice to have dreams.

Regardless, I got through today. Only 1250 more weekdays until she starts school.


  1. Anonymous on August 10, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    Glad to hear that it all went relatively well. Admit it... you'll be savoring every second of the next 1250 more weekdays. :)

  2. Meg on August 24, 2009 at 2:09 PM

    Yep pretty much sounds like my day too! So great that you can stay at home with your baby girl. Congrats Matt!


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